About our Creative Studio...

RGB149 · Creative Studio was an owner-managed creative agency formed of a collective of creative artists, drawn from a range of disciplines and located all over the world. We specialise in brand communications.

Creative Studio Munich

Our services extend from corporate campaigns and design to online, graphic and print design, plus films.
In everything we do, we strive to achieve lasting success, while providing all-round service. What motivates us, what drives us on, is a determination to develop authentic, avant-garde concepts for our clients.
Meticulous research, target audience analysis, personal advice, experience with the subject, a genuine feel for the spirit of the times and the courage to innovate are all essential components of what we do.

Creative Agency Munich

We offer our clients:
· value-adding design
· years of experience in marketing
· tailored, personal advice
· absolute reliability and adherence to deadlines
· the highest standards of quality - Made in Germany